Virtue and Accountability (Government)

From a biblical perspective, this principle is a no-brainer. Throughout Scripture, God holds leaders—political or otherwise—to a higher standard and expects them to honor him in the work they do. The Apostle Paul states in Romans 13 that governing authorities “have been established by God” (verse 1) and the one holding authority “is God’s servant to do you good” (verse 4). They are to be virtuous leaders for the good of their people and held accountable for their mistakes.

Unfortunately, the power of public office mainly lures individuals that are either naturally corrupt or are corrupted after they achieve a position of authority. And the politicians we elect end up completely failing in honoring God through their public service, but succeeding quite well in honoring themselves through serving Big Government.

This is why virtue and accountability are critical components in repairing America and why I highlight them, despite not all Tea Parties’ touting them as part of their sets of core beliefs. If we don’t get these right and instead continue to elect corrupt leaders and never hold them accountable for their actions, the other principles don’t matter. Politicians will do whatever they want, scoffing at the Constitution and We the People, expanding the government into an unstoppable super-state, and never worry about consequences that won’t come.

I Share Sonnie Johnson’s Reaction About Obamacare Advocates Doing “God’s Work”

Recently, President Obama told his supporters advancing the cause of Obamacare that they are doing “God’s work.” It will surprise exactly zero of you that I wholeheartedly disagree that a government program eliminating health care options for struggling Americans, dramatically increasing their costs, reducing wages and the workforce, and forcing more people to depend on […]