Limited Government

This principle is merely an extension of Constitutional Adherence, as the U.S. Constitution by nature implements a limited government. Our governing document was written to prevent America’s government from growing so large that it would eventually oppress the people. The bigger government becomes—through higher taxes, regulations, services provided, excessive and frivolous laws, etc.—the more restrained individuals are from living according to their own consciences as God directs them. His roles of Protector, Provider, King, Great Physician, Owner of all Things, Judge, Savior, Ruler, etc. are diminished as we look more to government to fulfill these instead of to him (the only one who can ultimately fulfill these).

The dangers of Big Government are illustrated throughout the Bible, often represented by the monarchical system. In 1 Samuel 8, God warned his people, the Israelites, about the oppression an earthly king would impose, but they demanded one anyway, prompting God to say, “they have rejected me as their king” (verse 7).

People are sinful by nature, so centralized power typically leads to corruption and, ultimately, oppression. Even King David—known as “a man after God’s own heart”—used his position of authority to commit adultery and murder (2 Samuel 11).

A limited government has no such power to oppress. Rather, it allows freedom to flourish so that individuals can lead productive lives that honor God, investing their own money in their families, businesses, communities, and churches—instead of sending much of it to the government to fund programs and initiatives that horrify the consciences God gave them.

I Share Sonnie Johnson’s Reaction About Obamacare Advocates Doing “God’s Work”

Recently, President Obama told his supporters advancing the cause of Obamacare that they are doing “God’s work.” It will surprise exactly zero of you that I wholeheartedly disagree that a government program eliminating health care options for struggling Americans, dramatically increasing their costs, reducing wages and the workforce, and forcing more people to depend on […]