Free Markets

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”  ~Genesis 2:15

God created humans to work the Earth and to do so together, maintaining human civilization and bringing glory to him. Free-market capitalism policed by reasonable penalties for dishonest business practices is the best system under which to achieve this.

Economic freedom through capitalism is merely an extension of overall freedom and is critical to allowing God’s people to serve him mightily, as the fewer restraints and taxes imposed on businesses, the freer they are to innovate and create products or services that improve the lives of others and glorify God. This principle applies to individuals as well. When the maximum economic freedom is achieved through the lowest tax rates possible on individuals—regardless of income level—they can inject that extra money back into a productive economy and more easily give to their church and para-church ministries, stewarding their money more wisely than a corrupt, power-hungry government ever could.

The resounding successes of economic freedom for businesses and individuals cannot be overstated. This system has led to technological innovations that enable the mass production and delivery of food, modern transportation, borderline miraculous medical care, the internet, etc. Christians would not be able to travel to the darkest corners of the world to feed and treat the infirmed while shining the light of the gospel to those who’ve never heard it. I wouldn’t be able to write a blog post about grace while sitting on the couch with my laptop in Richmond that could be read instantly by an unbeliever in Australia.

Beyond destroying every geographic barrier to spreading the gospel, the free market system implemented in America is also responsible for elevating the lives of those God has a special care for: the poor. Our system has led to more prosperity for more people than even our most optimistic Founder could have ever dreamed. We have lifted countless people out of poverty and dramatically improved the living conditions of those in America and beyond because of what we have been able to produce under this economic system.

It’s critical to make sure taxes and regulations on business and individuals are as low as possible so we can serve God to the fullest based on the talents and passions he’s given us and bless the world for his sake.

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