Fiscal Responsibility

This one’s simple from the Christian perspective: God owns everything, he entrusts us with various resources—including financial—to advance his Kingdom, and he will hold us eternally responsible for how we used every bit of what he lent us on Earth. He expects us to use his resources wisely—something the church refers to as “good stewardship.” The principle of Fiscal Responsibility aligns perfectly with this, because fiscal responsibility is good stewardship.

This is a serious and scary responsibility God gives us, especially when considered in the context of the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Jesus told the story of a master (representing God) making his three workers (representing God’s people) each responsible for a specific portion of money to invest wisely and earn a good rate of return. Two doubled their money, and God commended them and increased their responsibilities. One hid his money, gaining nothing, and God condemned him and took what little he had and gave it to the others. Outer darkness was involved as well as weeping and gnashing of teeth—never good things in the Bible.

So, knowing that every penny we have is a gift from God to use for his purposes and that every penny government has is first taken from us through taxation, it is our obligation to ensure that our elected officials spend God’s money wisely. We have a moral duty to prevent them from running up the national debt, borrowing from nations that have no concern for human rights, funding programs that are ineffective and downright immoral, and forcing our children to repay everything through blinding taxes and a loss of freedom they didn’t ask for and don’t deserve.

Beyond the moral implications of reckless fiscal policy, though, basic economics teaches that government simply cannot accumulate many trillions of dollars in debt in the face of credit rating downgrades and expect to have a functional economy very long.

Weeping and gnashing of teeth will eventually commence.

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