Core Principles

Defining the Tea Party movement can be tricky, because it has no formal structure; no individual or group leads the overall movement. Instead, the Tea Party is a collection of independently minded groups—represented at the local, state, and national levels—working individually and together to advance the principles of self-governance. We believe that people are competent to generally manage themselves and should not be overrun by a power-hungry government.

While individual Tea Party organizations may vary slightly on how they articulate their core principles that serve self-governance, they all share the same basis. Because I volunteer for the Richmond Tea Party, I am intimately familiar with their five core principles and use them as the foundation for what I write about the Tea Party. They are

Not all Tea Parties highlight Virtue and Accountability in their set of core beliefs, but they certainly support the idea of filling our government with people of integrity and holding them accountable for their actions—as do Americans in general. And this is critical, because if we continue to elect corrupt leaders and let them get away with just about every abuse imaginable, the other four principles don’t matter. Politicians will do whatever they want, scoffing at the Constitution and We the People, expanding the government into an unstoppable super-state, and never worry about consequences that won’t come.

I take the idea of Virtue and Accountability further, though. While the Tea Party generally focuses on the integrity of our elected officials, we also promote personal responsibility—a critical aspect of keeping our republic—which means that Virtue and Accountability must be exercised in our personal lives as well; therefore, I write about this principle from the aspects of both government and the people.

I believe all these fundamental principles have largely been ignored for decades under both major political parties (and in our personal lives) and that America faces some of her worst crises ever as a result. Our nation’s best hope for surviving and ultimately thriving again is to return to these fundamentals on which we were founded that helped usher in an era of freedom and prosperity beyond what our most optimistic Founders ever could have dreamed.

Because I’m a Christian, I view everything through the lens of the Bible. So when the Tea Party movement first exploded onto the political scene in 2009, I had to ask myself if their core beliefs aligned with mine. And in comparing Tea Party principles to Scripture, I found that, yes, they align quite nicely together. Which is why I joied the movement.

You can click on each principle to read a brief explanation for how it comports with the Christian faith. And for a detailed explanation … well, you can buy my book Saving America: A Christian Perspective on the Tea Party Movement.

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