The Rebellion Is Coming: Independence Day, 2014

On July 4th, 2014, my new book releases on Amazon in Kindle format:


Here’s the blurb:

Life is getting scary for young Americans. They suffer under high unemployment, a stagnant economy, and an incomprehensibly large national debt that will ultimately fall on their shoulders, potentially decimating their future opportunities and freedom. Both major political parties are to blame and must be stopped before they do even more damage. While most young Americans aren’t yet aware of the coming challenges they will face, many other Americans are and have united to rescue the rising generations from a future of high unemployment and taxes, low wages, and a debt they can’t possibly repay. THE LIBERTY REBELLION is an essay describing the principles driving this movement to fight the status quo and makes a compelling and heartfelt appeal to young Americans, explaining why they should not only join but help lead the charge to re-liberate America from government control. Young people will be inspired to unite with Americans of all ages and be equipped to use their passion to help create a boundless future where all can be free again.

Since I joined the Tea Party movement, I’ve maintained a passion for reaching out to young people with the message of liberty; not just for their own sake, but for everyone’s, as the future of America is, of course, in their hands. The book opens with this personal note from me:

The following essay is a heartfelt appeal to every American under the age of thirty (or so). May your eyes be opened to the damage politicians from both major political parties have done to your future and how to repair the damage, so that you—and those who follow you—will be free.

At approximately 8,000 words, THE LIBERTY REBELLION is a quick read, and at $.99 I am making it the lowest possible price on Amazon to reach as many young people (or anyone else) as possible with the message of freedom. If you’re not a young American, though, I’m confident you will also find the book interesting, informative, and inspirational. Better yet, you may know a young person (a child, niece, nephew, friend, etc.) who might benefit from a straightforward, compelling, and sometimes humorous presentation of the principles of liberty. One of the great things about Kindle books is that they can be gifted, and most young people have Kindle e-reader capabilities.

The book is not available for preorder, but it will release on July 4th and be ready for purchase. I will post again when that happens. I hope you’ll consider checking it out yourself and be thinking about others you can give it to. The more young people are on board with rolling back centralized government control, the likelier we are to survive our current crises and ultimately thrive again as a nation.

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