Hey Democrats: Now’s Your Chance to Get Rid of Eric Cantor


Let me get this out of the way first: I’m a Tea Party guy.

I know—as a Democrat, you now have zero interest in what comes next (if you’re even still reading). But give me a chance to surprise you. I have what I think will be an interesting proposition for you as a faithful Democrat and concerned citizen of America.

An opportunity like this likely won’t come again. Now is your best—and probably last—chance to finally rid Congress and America of one of the most self-serving politicians in the nation, someone who represents all that is wrong with American politics today, a man your party loves to hate.

I’m referring, of course, to U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

I’m not a Democrat, so I won’t insult you by pretending to speak as one. I’m also not a Republican. I am an independent disgusted with both political parties, especially their leadership. And I have dedicated much of my life to freeing America from politicians who serve themselves instead of those they claim to represent.

Starting with Rep. Cantor.

You and I will obviously disagree on much politically, but I do believe we can unite on the simple principle that Majority Leader Cantor is an absolute disaster for America. We may not agree on all the reasons, but let’s not squabble when our ultimate goal is the same. I’m asking for just a few more minutes of your time to see if I can convince you to take this opportunity to help me remove a politician you and I can’t stand.

You with me?

If so, here are the key factors of this year’s election for Virginia’s 7th District congressional seat that may resonate with you:

1)      No Democrat is running. Which basically means the winner of the Republican primary is the overall winner and will be sworn in next year. Which also means that, even as a Democrat, the only way you can have a say in this race is to swallow the bile in your throat and vote in the Republican primary. Though I’m an independent and don’t concern myself much with party politics, I normally wouldn’t like the idea of one party’s members voting in another party’s primary to choose their candidate. This race, however, is different, as your only true voting option is the Republican primary. And because Virginia is an open primary state, you don’t have to waste your time (and wound your conscience) by registering as a Republican. Anyone already registered to vote can vote in any primary just by showing up.

2)      If Eric Cantor wins, he will likely become Speaker of the House (and 2nd in line for the presidency) someday—possibly very soon—and virtually unbeatable in a future election. Let that one sink in and freeze your spine for a few moments. As powerful as you think he is now, it only expands from here.

3)      He has a strong challenger in Dr. Dave Brat (a college professor) who is quickly gaining momentum and could defeat Cantor. I’m not going try to mislead you (after all, I’m not Eric Cantor) and tell you Dave Brat is a liberal and you’ll like the way he votes. Despite Cantor’s repeatedly calling him a liberal for working on the Virginia budget under Governor Kaine, I don’t believe Dr. Brat actually is one and I’d be surprised if you ended up liking how he votes in Congress. But as a single and freshman House member, he would wield barley a tiny fraction of the power House Majority Leader Cantor currently wields (corruptly). And then two years from now, your party could run someone against Dr. Brat instead of an untouchable (and possibly Speaker of the House) Eric Cantor.

4)      It would simply warm your heart for weeks and months—possibly years—to participate in helping remove Rep. Cantor from public office.

So how about it, my Democratic friend? Have I convinced you to vote for Dr. Brat? The primary is on June 10th—less than a month away. I believe Dr. Brat, while fighting an uphill battle against the excessively funded political machine, has a real chance of winning. Even the Washington Post agrees. And that chance would be greatly amplified if even just a small percentage of the Democrats in VA’s 7th district decided to show up and productively express their displeasure with their current representative in the most powerful way possible, by voting against him in what could be the last, best hope for removing him.

Voter turnout is low in primaries. Your vote will make a difference. And so will the votes of your Democratic friends. I’m not going to go overboard and ask you to donate money to Dr. Brat (if you want to, though, here’s the place), but if any of what I have written resonates with you, would you be so kind as to (a) seriously consider my proposition, and (b) forward it to all your Democratic friends, especially those in VA’s 7th District?

And together let’s achieve our shared dream of a Cantor-free U.S. Government.

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