How to Save America (Or at least a really good place to start)

What if I told you there was a method, included in the Constitution, that allows for states to bypass the federal government and create amendments to the Constitution? If you’re like me, you’re practically salivating at the idea. Well, chalk another point up to the genius of our Founders. This very clause, called A Convention of States, can be found in Article 5 Section 2 of the Constitution. Most people familiar with the Constitution (which is an astonishingly low number) already know that Article 5 of the Constitution is where it is stated that Congress can amend the Constitution if 2/3 of both house of Congress agree. Most people don’t know, however, there is another method by which the Constitution can be amended. Enter ‘A Convention of States’. In Article 5 Section 2, it states that “A Convention of States can propose amendments if 2/3 of states submit applications for such a convention. These applications must all deal with the same issue (i.e, limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government).” (Accessed at on 1/23/2014)

Here are the bullet points:
*Citizens request their state legislators pass a bill called an application, in which the operative language is identical, meaning that all states are requesting a convention for the exact same reason, i.e., to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

*The state legislatures vote on the application. Only a simple majority is needed to pass the application.

*When 2/3 of states (34) have passed the applications and submit them, Congress, by law, has to call a convention. After this step, which is only to set the date and place, Congress is no longer involved. As a matter of fact, once the convention is called, the first motion could be to change the location/date/time that Congress set if the delegates to the Convention so desire.

*State legislatures choose delegates to represent the state at the convention. States can send as many delegates as they want but each state only gets one vote. None of this, “We-have-more-people-than-you-so-we-matter-more” business. One state, one vote. Period.

*Amendments are debated and voted on at the convention. Twenty six of the states at the convention must approve the proposed amendments to be sent back to the states.

*All proposed amendments must be ratified by ¾, or 38, of the states in order to become a part of the Constitution.

Once ratified by 38 states, then we have new amendments and we didn’t even have to bother Congress to lift a finger.

Evidently, some are concerned with the idea of a “runaway convention”. This is the idea that once convened, the delegates will go rogue and re-write the entire Constitution to their own liking, not the will of the people. While I’ll admit this scenario would make for a great drama, the likelihood of this actually taking place is about as probable as politicians reforming themselves. There are too many hurdles, purposefully put there, to allow such a scenario to happen. First, the delegates are bound by law to vote the way their state legislatures want them to vote. If delegates don’t comply, they will be repealed and face up to 3 years in prison. Another very high hurdle is the 38-state benchmark. A full ¾ of states must ratify all proposed amendments for them to become a part of the Constitution so they had better be good ones that everyone can get on board with or these amendments are going no where fast. It is highly unlikely that 38 state legislatures would approve amendments born from a rogue delegation.

I had the opportunity to hear Michael Farris speak on this topic. Outside of being one of the true experts on the Constitution, (the Constitution as it is written not as it is interpreted by SCOTUS and other so-called Constitutionalists) Dr. Farris is one of the founders of this movement that has also been outlined in Mark Levin’s latest book. The primary reasons for this movement is not to propose a specific amendment but to draft amendments on very specific topics. What topics? Limiting the federal over-reach, the judiciary and term limits. Several states have already drafted legislation to pass the application with several more coming on board. LIke I said, has more specific information.

Are you on board to turn this country in the right direction? You can find more information at where you can learn more about the process, how to get involved and how to spread the word! There are also specifics on how many people need to get involved to make this happen. It is a well-laid plan, all that’s missing is YOU!!


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