Big-Government Disciples

In my last post, I explained how the life of Julia illustrates that America has been increasingly looking to government to care for and rule us instead of to God. This transition has been gradual and gone unnoticed by many decent people, but it is undeniable that our government has to a large degree usurped all of the following roles/attributes of God: Almighty, Provider, Comforter, Father, Hope, Foundation, The Beginning of All Wisdom, The Great Physician, Owner of All Things, Judge, One and Only Savior, Ruler, Worthy of All Praise. As a result, we look to God less to fulfill these roles in our lives.

This transition is intentional. It is the product of the work of many devoted people who believe that government is the solution to all societal problems, regardless of their nature. They seek to implement a government-first approach in everything, leaving no room for God.

The Bible tells us that everyone will worship something. If it’s not the true God, we will worship money, career, appearance, sex, fame, etc. Many today worship earthly government, lusting after the worldly power it promises.

In my book, Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement, I refer to these people as “Big-Government Disciples,” or “BGDs” for short. They are not to be confused with Americans who by default look to the government to step in and address many of society’s ills, but don’t actually understand the dangers of that approach. They are merely a product of the BGDs’ century of effective propaganda in teaching people to look to the government for help first instead of friends, family, the church, etc. The BGDs know exactly what they’re doing, though, as they move us toward a society that worships government, not God.

This had been a gradual process, driven by both major political parties, but in 2008 it was launched into hyperdrive, starting with bailout mania under George W. Bush and expanding even more (much more!) under President Obama’s first (and, please God, ONLY) term. The BGDs have slammed the accelerator to the mat on full government control of our lives, making their ultimate intentions to rule us obvious.

So. God has now given us a choice that couldn’t be clearer: Will we trust in him? Or will we finally submit to Big Government and all becomes its disciples?

I choose God. And if enough of us use the voice he gave us to proclaim freedom under him in America, I believe he will undo the damage the BGDs have done, transitioning us back to a nation that again looks to him—not government—as our caretaker and ruler.

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