Saving America Book Signing — People Are Ready for This Message

I had a great day Saturday (4/14) at Richmond Tea Party’s Celebrate Liberty event, kicking off the launch of my latest book, Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement. A lot of attendees bought one or multiple copies, and if I learned anything, it’s that people are hungry for the message of limited government from a Christian standpoint. In fact, one person who got my book Saturday had finished by Monday and requested an additional ten copies.

Another person at the event challenged me, though, asking if I think the main message of the Bible is political. The answer, of course, is NO! The Bible isn’t political in any way — it is a book of Truth. God’s Truth. And Truth carries no partisan baggage. That’s a key point I make throughout Saving America, explaining that my Tea Party service has nothing to do with politics (I’m an independent) and everything to do with right and wrong.

What the Bible does speak extensively on, though, is the earthly institution of government. Much of the Bible chronicles the oppression that a Big Government — often represented by the monarchial system — makes possible, even when it’s comprised of individuals who should know better. For Example, King David — known as “a man after God’s own heart” — used his position of authority to commit adultery and murder.

A limited government without centralized power, by contrast, has no such ability to oppress its citizens. If Christians want to be champions of “the least of these,” they will together demand and work toward an immediate dismantling of the corrupt Big-Government power structure that both political parties have spent many decades building in America.

I think Christians do want to be those champions. They are ready to understand and advance the biblical case for limited government. And it’s my purpose to help equip them.

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2 Responses to Saving America Book Signing — People Are Ready for This Message

  1. Admittedly, I have not read your book. I will agree that there is some waste in ‘big government,’ but I would argue that the same thing exists in most Christian churches. God specifically instructed is to honor and obey our governments; this was long before they were democratically chosen! Regardless of that, it seems to me that Jesus’ major message was to love God AND love our neighbors. Are we, as humans, sinners? Absolutely. Are there some problems with government that ought to be reformed? Certainly. However, part of the role of government is to share the wealth of the people; the jubilee year was designed for just such a purpose, so the wealth would not be concentrated only in the hands of a few. From my perspective, higher taxes for all (including the middle class) are necessary to help provide for individuals who cannot. Poverty CAN be caused by laziness, but oppression (including that of political systems stacked against them) also holds people in poverty. Somehow I don’t hear Jesus saying, ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ (which is essentially what I understand the view of the tea party to be). The Jesus I know told us to take care of ‘the least of these’. We are sinful people; relying on charity alone will not be enough. The government must play a role in issues of social justice; the truth is, the playing field is not equal for all, and though the Bible certainly encourages hard work, we must rely on the government to help redistribute wealth for the benefit of all. Basic needs like health care should not be in jeopardy for some in the wealthiest nation on earth. By eliminating the government’s role in this action of promoting social equity, the Tea Party would create a nation of even greater inequity. We must remember that all of us would be dead but for the grace of God. Let us not forget the parable of the man whose debt was forgiven but removed to forgive a smaller debt to another; the Bible calls us to be generous. Governmental taxes help keep us honest in this regard. Again, I know there is wasteful spending that I agree should be reformed, but government is necessary. The tea party does not speak for me as a Christian. I believe the Bible is clear that caring for another is our priority while we are on this earth.

    Anonymous April 18, 2012 at 9:45 pm
    • Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment. This will, of course, come off as shamelessly self-serving, but I actually address in the book pretty much everything you raise and I encourage you to check it out. If your basic understanding of the Tea Party is that it is driven by a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ mentality, then you will find my book quite surprising, as that language (and nothing similar to it) is in it. God’s call to sacrificially serve the needy couldn’t be clearer, which is why I devote a portion of the book to that topic, including an entire chapter on charity and the role of Christians and government.

      Another chapter that may surprise you is the one on fiscal responsibility. God will hold us eternally responsible for how we used every penny he gave us, including how we allowed our government (which he gave us the privilege of electing) to use our tax money. I don’t intend to go to before God in The End and tell him that I didn’t speak out against a nation that ran up a debt higher than the money supply of the entire world (this includes future debt for which no money is set aside) by borrowing from nations like China who have little regard for human rights. There is simply no way to pay this off. And those who are most on the hook for doing so are the most innocent: our children who had no say in the matter and will eventually be blindsided by the disaster our unbelievably poor stewardship of God’s resources created. The Bible is very clear that those in debt are enslaved to their debt-holders. This should sober every American, especially Christians, and cause us to all take a serious look at how the money God has entrusted us with is being spent by our elected officials and how that will affect future generations who are now in our care.

      I’ll, of course, understand if you don’t get a copy of the book, but I certainly hope you do. I’d be very interested in getting your response after you’ve had a chance to read it. I don’t doubt that you and I will disagree on some of the solutions I present, but you might be surprised at how much we do agree on about the problems.

      JonWakefield April 19, 2012 at 8:17 am

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